15 Dresses

15 Dresses for your Quinceanera photo shoot is about a young lady turning 15 and the quinceanera party for a hispanic young lady having her 15th birthday party, and selecting the appropriate fashion garments to match.

15 Dresses and Your Quinceanera Photo Shoot

An article I work for @UniqueQuinceTux. 15 Dresses, check it out. What do you think?

Men stop the burn, check it out

Men stop the burn, check it out


Dollar shaving club is the answer. Chick the link and start shaving and saving.

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Elizabeth Warren for President


DETROIT, Mich. — Sen. Elizabeth Warren wowed a friendly crowd of influential liberal activists Friday in Detroit, pledging to fight against Republicans and the “sleazy lobbyists” she says have rigged the rules in Washington and harmed the middle class.

Warren took the stage in a crowded ballroom to calls of “Run, Liz, run” by activists waving “Elizabeth Warren for President” signs — and did little to disappoint.

“The tilt in the playing field is everywhere,” Warren said in a 15-minute speech before the largest gathering of liberal activists. “We can whine about it, we can whimper about it or we can fight back. I’m fighting back.”

Is it still baseball season

Is it still baseball season

Does anyone care about baseball anymore?

It’s all start break and to be honest the Miami Marlins are performing above expectations.  They have a good young nucleus. The injury to our good young pitcher has been a drag, but the fact is that they are in the hunt and in Miami that’s all one can ask for.

So, who are you rooting for tonight in the annual classic known as the All Star game?

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