Social Media Marketing, Miami Style

Social Media Marketing, Miami Style

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing, Miami Style

Social media marketing, Miami style is offered by NuszBuzz Enterprises, LLC. Whether you are looking for someone to help you setup your small business social media platforms or to be a full service social media manager, NuszBuzz is your answer.

NuszBuzz works exclusively with small businessesand offers many services for the small business…

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Dying patients endure unwanted care

From today’s #MiamiHerald
An important issue that everyone should have with their loved one’s at an early age.
Study: Dying patients endure unwanted care

   Americans suffer needless discomfort and undergo unwanted and costly care as they die, in part because of a medical system ruled by “perverse incentives” for aggressive care and not enough conversation about what people want, according to a report released Wednesday.

   Though people repeatedly stress a desire to die at home, free from pain, the opposite often happens, the Institute of Medicine found in its “Dying in America” report. Most people do not document their wishes on end-of-life care and even those who do face a medical system poorly suited to give them the death they want, the authors found.

 The result is breathing and feeding tubes, powerful drugs and other treatments that often fail to extend life and can make the final days more unpleasant. The report blamed a fee-for-service medical system in which “perverse incentives” exist for doctors and hospitals to choose the most aggressive care; inadequate training for those caring for the dying and physicians who default to life-saving treatment because they worry about liability.

 “It’s not an intentional thing. It’s a systemic problem,” said David Walker, the former U.S. comptroller general, who co-chaired the committee that issued the report.

   Advance directives including living wills have been unpopular and ineffective, the report said. It urged repeated conversations about patients’ wishes beginning far earlier than many would think — perhaps as teenagers — and continuing the talks throughout life.

   “The fee-for-service model, the lack of coordination between medical and social services, the challenges that individuals face in finding a provider who’s willing and knowledgeable to speak with them about death and dying all conspire against them coming up with the right individual plan,” said Dr. Philip Pizzo, a co-chair with Walker.

   The report praised programs in palliative care, which focuses on treating pain, minimizing side effects, coordinating care among doctors and ensuring concerns of patients and their families are addressed. This type of care has expanded rapidly in the past several decades and is now found in a majority of U.S. hospitals, but the report said many physicians have no training in it.

   In many ways, the report is a repudiation of the controversy created by the term “death panel” in response to President Barack Obama’s healthcare law. The claim centered on the government saving money by deciding who would live and who would die.

   In fact, the 500-page report authored by 21 experts said the very type of end-of-life care Americans say they want would shrink medical bills and reduce the governmental burden.

  “They will have a higher quality of life and it’s very likely to be less expensive,” said Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Oregon, a frequent voice on end-of-life issues who reviewed the report. “But the main key here is that we should be giving people what they want.”

   Blumenauer has sponsored a bill to allow Medicare to pay doctors for having end-of-life conversations with patients, the very idea that set off the “death panel” fury, which generated the most widespread and high-profile conversations on end-of-life care in the U.S. since the case of Terri Schiavo. She was a brain-damaged Florida woman who became the center of a protracted court fight over having her feeding tube removed.

Web P\age Design

Web Page Design by NuszBuzz offers simple solutions to web page design for small businesses. Affordable and Professional. We offer World-Class Service

Web Page Design by NuszBuzz

Web Page Design by NuszBuzz

Web Page Design

Web Page Design by NuszBuzz

Web page design is a very important part of the small business owners marketing plans. Without a web presence, the small business owner is in big trouble! Who uses those 42# yellow page books anymore?

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Small Business Ideas

Small business ideas for the Miami market is all about helping small businesses build revenue, create an online presence while protecting their assets.

Small Business Ideas for the Miami Market

Great information for small business ideas from #NuszBuzz hope you enjoy the article. Please post any comments on the article on the site itself. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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Small Business Ideas for the Miami Market

Small Business Ideas for the Miami Market

Small Business Ideas

Small Business Ideas for the Miami Market

Small business ideas for the Miami market was the brain-child of entrepreneur John Nusz of NuszBuzz. The thought that turned into NuszBuzz Enterprises, LLCstarted as a dream of John’s to help small businesses. Through 25+ years in the corporate world as a manager, district manager, regional manager, VP of Operations and over 10 years…

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